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The door handle industry is an important part of the household industry, and it is also the basis and important support for laser manufacturing. Door handles are mainly divided into tubular handles, household handles, and door and window handles. These three types of door handles require door handle welding.

In 2019, the global door handle market size reached 57.5 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 69.9 billion yuan in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.8%. According to the analysis, the demand and quality of door handles are also improving. Door handle welding The market is expanding day by day.

Four-axis linkage double-station door handle laser welding machine is a laser welding equipment that specializes in welding stainless steel, titanium and other metal door handles, door handles and door handles. The integrated design of laser, laser power supply, internal circulation cooling system, control system, numerical control system and workbench has the characteristics of reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and small footprint.


It can realize automation, automatic welding door handle, high welding efficiency and fast speed. It greatly saves time for the enterprise, and at the same time, the welding seam is smooth and beautiful after welding. There will be no deformation, discoloration, etc., which saves a lot of subsequent polishing time for enterprises. The equipment is easy to operate, and can be operated by an ordinary worker without professional technicians. Compared with argon arc welding, it saves labor costs for enterprises.

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